The SHINE Collective

Next Start Date: 5th October 2021

I’m bringing together a hand selected group of people who want to stop judging themselves AND who are ready to build up their sage muscle and amplify their self-compassion so they have richer relationships with themselves and loved ones, colleagues and clients, and live in flow, creating more of what they want in life.

Our Goal…

To double or triple your self-compassion level within 42 days and use it to begin to achieve your passion-led vision and deepen your relationship connections.

Imagine being able to…

… Show up as your authentic self in your relationship with yourself and others, feeling love and compassion, rather than judgement.

… Go about your day getting things done in a flow state, rather than beating yourself up to punish yourself as you do things.

… Connecting with your creativity in ways you had never before been able to imagine, and using it to come up with ways of living that feel so authentic to you.

… Feeling forever connected to a community of people who are focused on building up their sage muscle and leading passionate lives, and knowing you can rest in that community when societal norms of judgement try to trigger you.

You’ll have a set of healthy habits that will stay with you for life, alongside the lifelong community, so you’ll keep your sage muscle forever toned. Your self-compassion will have a knock on effect in the community around you and you will, effectively, raise the consciousness of society by doing and maintaining this work. 

In the SHINE collective you’ll easily form daily sage habits, starting small and building on those small successes. You’ll be doing it alongside other sages with whom you will share successes and support.

But the REAL power will be in your ability to use that sage muscle to really step up and show up as your authentic, loving, empowered self in any situation… 

Most people don’t understand that stepping up is much healthier than staying small. You will use your sage muscle to halt any saboteurs that pop up and you will move on, being the change you want to see in the world.. 

Most people don’t even know that they are at the mercy of their saboteurs – they think the saboteur mindset is just them and how they think. There’s so much judgement and criticism in our societies that it seems natural. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

In 42 days you will have built up your sage muscle, created a powerful vision and goals for yourself and you will be on your hero’s journey, regardless of what your saboteurs do or say to try to stop you. 

The Building Up Your Sage Muscle Strategy PLUS The Be The Change Vision Quest is the real “secret” behind my clients’ ability to achieve what they want whilst feeling great.

All within a collective of heroes like yourself, who are committed to living at their highest potential and living a life of their dreams.

Imagine having a great relationship with yourself and loved ones… whenever YOU choose… and WITHOUT being at the mercy of saboteur mindset!

Over the next 6 weeks, we’ll create more of what you want to see in the world…

  • You’ll create a strong vision for what you want to see in the world and use your sage powers to create actions and goals that make that vision an achievable reality.
  • You’ll build up your self-compassion with daily habits so that it becomes automatic to be in sage mindset and you’ll feel great for longer and have better relationships.
  • Your self-compassion will spill over into everything you do and you will find it easier to be with people that you used to find problematic.

We’ll get self-compassion flowing by mastering the daily compassion habits and the SHINE powers of sensing, holding, integrity, nurturing, and empowerment.

And instead of pouring hours – months – days that you’ll never get back into using a method based on only digging for insights…

… you’ll use a trusted mental fitness strategy that builds on small successes, making it easy to implement and instantly rewarding.

If you’re done with being in fight / flight / freeze mode with yourself and your family, friends, and colleagues, you are done with beating yourself up as you get things done or look at your appearance in the mirror, or feel like this situation or that situation isn’t fair… get excited, because we’re here to help you to live a wonderful life WITHOUT any of those drains.

Got a fear that more compassion will lead to people walking all over you, and you’ll be complacent about everything with no impetus to take action? Or maybe, like I used to, you believe that you can’t get things done without beating yourself up?

Great! Those are the kinds of things that saboteurs say that act as huge red flags that the saboteurs are at work. We will easily recognise them and switch to sage so that you can focus on what you love instead!

AND… what feels amazing is…

… As you build up your self-compassion and take action on being the change you want to see in the world, your sage muscle grows bigger and bigger and you will find yourself naturally making changes that create more authenticity and integrity in yourself, your relationships and your communities.

Here’s what you get in The SHINE Collective… 

*** Here’s The Flow… (where / when / what you get) ***

We start Tuesday 5th October 6pm UK Time

You get immediate access to the private Mastermind Facebook group where you can share and receive feedback and support from other members and me.

You’ll get access to week one of SHINE – Sensing – with easy daily activities and content that you can put into practice immediately WITHOUT procrastination because they’re so SHORT! You’ll be expanding your compassion within minutes! Each week new content will be released so you can build upon the previous week’s successes, however small!

We meet as a group over Zoom 6 times (once a week), where I deliver coaching, teaching, help you work through challenges, and together we get stuff DONE with compassion (call times are Tuesdays at 6pm UK time and usually run for up to 90 minutes). All calls are recorded so tune in when it serves YOU.

Plus many more benefits – keep reading for those…


*** Who, precisely, is The SHINE Collective for?

People who judge themselves, and situations and / or other people on a daily basis AND who are ready to amplify their self-compassion so they create a paradigm change in themselves and their communities. We’ll give you a system that is simple, and works so that you increase your self-compassion, feel great for longer, have better relationships with yourself and your loved ones and colleagues and clients, and live in flow, creating more of what you want.

*** Who’s in the group? ***

People in helping professions, artists, teachers, professionals, mothers, wives, daughters, husbands, fathers, sons, people who are ready to let go of self judgement and feel more at peace within themselves, others and situations.

*** Will you help me create my vision? ***

Great question! You’ve most likely already had ideas about what you’d like to see more of in the world and we’ll tap into that, alongside your childhood hopes and dreams, to help you embody your passions so that you create your own momentum.

*** I want to change my career. Will this work for me? ***

Yes. We will help you focus on what’s important to you from the sage mindset so that your career change is an empowering process and you notice opportunities where previously your saboteurs’ narrow thinking would have made it impossible to see.

*** Do I have to make social changes in my communities? ***

No, and you can if you choose to. You can choose to work on yourself. Your communities will be uplifted by you doing the work on yourself anyway.

*** What if I can’t find compassion for myself? ***

If you’re used to beating yourself up it can feel strange to begin to feel self-compassion and that’s why we build it up in tiny steps so that it can be tolerated. It is possible – I used to beat myself up all the time and I wasn’t even aware of it and I am much, much kinder to myself now. The community has your back so feel free to say what’s going on for you in the group and we will support each other. 

*** How is this different from meditation? ***

Meditation is a great tool for self-awareness and calming your mind. However, it is dedicated time that is ‘out of daily life’. The techniques I teach you can be used in the middle of meetings, as a short break from what you’re working on, or in the midst of a disagreement, say. The techniques can be used in addition to meditation, if you like and we do cover meditation on the program to an extent.


*** Collaboration with Other SHINE Leaders ***

The SHINE Collective is a community of members, each preparing for and leading their own hero’s journey with compassion and the sage powers, each being allies for one another as each does the work necessary to lead their lives with compassionate authenticity and integrity. Members of the Collective actively collaborate, create partnerships and friendships that are priceless.

*** Lifetime Access to the Program Modules ***

Each module is reviewed and updated regularly and, as a valued member of The SHINE Collective, you will have access to the modules for the rest of your life, so you can work through them again and again, as you wish. 

*** My Experience, Expertise, and Empathy ***

With over a decade in researching, experimenting, and developing my ways of identifying and overcoming self-criticism, you’ll have access to a wealth of information without the painful wrong turns I took. I know all the twists and turns saboteurs can take to try to throw you off track and my experience gives me an unwavering focus on what works so that you can take it and make it work for you.

You’ll get support from me between calls within the Facebook group so that you can always know your next step.

*** BONUS: Learn the Elements of Manifesting ***

To help you with your vision and goals I’ll teach you the elements of manifesting and you’ll be set for life to create exactly what you want. 

*** What’s the investment? ***

A mental fitness system that increases your self-compassion for life… is easily a STEAL at the price point of £8K, for the right person.

I’ve spent over £50K learning and developing my skills to create my self-compassion system that I coach and train you on (and I continue to invest in myself).

And my intuition is guiding me that the next level purpose of my work is to help more people who judge themselves daily to amplify their self-compassion and lift themselves and their communities out of this horrible norm of judgement of self, others and situations, and create lives that are highly compassionate, deeply fulfilling, creatively authentic and full of integrity. That’s why I was inspired to make this a really Easy YES for you.

As someone who is up for tuning into their Sage mindset, and contacts me to say YES before midnight UK time on Sunday 26 September 2021, you are entitled to exclusive savings.

The investment of £1,776 for The SHINE Collective is reduced by a £888 credit to make this as much of an easy yes for you as possible.

When you take actions from sage mindset with integrity and authenticity, opportunities plop into your lap, seemingly from out of the sky… you could make your entire investment back before the end of the program. If you want to make small payments you can start with: 

A deposit (first payment) of £222 and promise to be on time with payments due on…

2nd payment… 5th November 2021

From there your payments of £222 are due on the same day of every month (a total of 4 payments including the deposit).

If you want to save even more, you can make a one-time payment of £699 (that’s a total saving of £1,077) (CLARITY NOTE: this is a 6 week program – with 4 total payments of £222 if you choose Pay-As-You-Shine; you can choose to settle the balance sooner if you prefer).

Whatever your price point, you’re going to get skills for life that will enrich your life and the people’s around you! 

*** BONUS! ***

And if you choose to pay in full…

A Sage and Sab Session with me. You get to know and love one saboteur (and the parts of you they’re protecting) and get them on your internal team so they can help you with your vision quest. Includes: 3 hour online group workshop with me as your coach – focused on you and your sage and saboteur(s) and their needs and how to meet them. Unexpected: insights and miracles (Value £333).

*** How do I get one of the spots? ***

There’s no need to send any money right this second.

All you have to do right now is… let me know you’re in.

Just email me with… “I’M UP FOR SHINE!”

Then we’ll get you set up.

So excited for the infinite joys of self-compassion for you!

So much love,

P.S. Got a question? Just email to let us know, and we’ll get it answered.

P.P.S. This offer runs out at midnight on Sunday 26th September 2021 UK time – a deadline helps you to take action to show up for yourself!