Testimonial from M

I can emerge and be more confident in who I actually am


I appreciate and love Julia’s coaching methods and ethos. Her sessions are a vital part of how I continue to: 

  • Reflect on how previous childhood trauma and experiences have affected me and my current behaviours
  • Realise with kindness that these are not required anymore and that there is space for it to change
  • Explore what I would like to have happen, what behaviour I would like to have emerge and explore the techniques or visual cues to help practise and then maintain these new qualities 

Helping me to be less critical of myself and compassionate has meant that I can emerge and be more confident in who I actually am. I can explore thought processes and behaviours with less and less judgement and self inflicted damage to myself. It’s revealed and meant I can become more comfortable with aspects of myself that I have always denied myself of being because I should be like “everybody else”. I’m actually a queer non-binary being who had a pretty rough beginning. 

This process means being vulnerable, honest with yourself and is certainly challenging. But I can tell you it’s worth it, and Julia is with you, helping and guiding you every step of the way.

Thank you! 


Editorial note: I was pleasantly surprised to receive this unasked for testimonial from M. It helped us both see how far they have come since we began working together.