How I Work With You

Talking is often the primary technique used in coaching. However, it can be powerful to use other methods too. Regardless of technique, my style of coaching is non-directive, which means I am led by you. I might offer suggestions, which you are not obligated to carry out. I am empathic, nonjudgmental, and hold you in unconditional positive regard.


I suggest to all my clients to keep a journal. Writing is brilliant for stopping thoughts going round in your mind and helping you gain clarity and direction. If you already keep a journal, you might know this. A dream journal can be incredibly insightful. It’s good to keep one by your bed so you can capture the symbols, words, repetitions and anything that seems important from your dream. You can either reflect on it in your journal or come back to it later. You can bring it to a coaching session or email me about it.

Art Materials

Using art materials with your non preferential hand can help you to express aspects (or the whole) of your self, emotional blocks, feelings, beliefs and much more. Being able to externalise it can provide a cathartic release or give you material to explore – noticing aspects of what you’ve made can help you create links to what’s going on in your life and what you’d like to have happen. Using your non preferential hand stops you being critical of what you make.


You can use a group of objects (anything you have to hand) to show the story so far, and the story you’d like to have. This is a useful way of exploring aspects of your self and relationships. By moving the objects around you can sense what might happen. It’s another way of externalising what’s in your head so you can explore it.

Movement and Space

I often invite clients to start a session by standing (if possible) and stretching our arms up whilst taking deep breaths in and out. Focusing on expansive body gestures gets the brain primed for exploring creatively and it could be something you take as a daily action. You might like to try out different movements/gestures, and use the space around you metaphorically to explore your agenda for the coaching session. You can also use the space to create a timeline so you can ‘place yourself in the future’ to test how it is and gain insights.

Being in Nature

Just being in nature can be uplifting. Moving and talking in nature about what you’d like to have happen can be extremely powerful. We can do this in person if you’re in Sussex or Lancashire (depending on my whereabouts at the time) or remotely via phone.

Phone, Video Call or in Person

At the moment, I am not coaching in person indoors because of Covid-19. However, if you’re in Sussex or Lancashire I can meet you outdoors on a one to one, social distancing basis. Or we can choose coaching sessions over the phone or by video call.

I love partnering with survivors of adverse childhood experiences to turn down self-criticism and amplify self-compassion, integrity and authenticity.