Befriending Your Saboteurs


In Befriending Your Saboteurs we’ll use your inner sage’s self-compassion to really get to know 6 of your saboteurs and the parts they hide and silence so that you can finally let them express themselves and begin to integrate, leaving you feeling more at peace, with more resources and a deeper, richer relationship with yourself. 

There is more to you than you have seen so far. You will be crossing the threshold into a whole new way of being. 


● Feeling at ease with yourself and everyone else 

● Transforming your fears into love and compassion any time you want.

● Letting go of procrastination (and the fears that feed it) 

● Taking action whilst feeling confident and happy

● Having the confidence to be, do and have what you really want 

You’ll be able to get your inner team into flow and use their skills any time you want. 

…regardless of what is going on in the world. 

Six of your saboteurs become allies you can call on to help you achieve your next desire any time you choose. 

In Befriending Your Saboteurs you will create a deeply fulfilling relationship with yourself, and with the knock on effect of better relationships with EVERYONE else. 

It’s your time now… and I can’t wait to help you to get to know and love your saboteurs effortlessly in a few weeks. 

We use a Sage Technique so that you tune into compassion, feeling lighter and clearer. You will be able to integrate those parts that your saboteurs silence and hide so they stop sabotaging your success. 

…Like our client who connected deeply to a part of herself that had been silenced for many years and let that part out to express surprise and wonder at the world, thus helping the protective saboteur to lay down her heavy backpack and pack a lighter one to deal with people on a daily basis.

…Or our client who developed a new boundary and, supported by her saboteurs, used it to activate authentic communication in her relationship with her dad, making their relationship healthier, and more real. 

…Or our client who developed a metaphor of a ball of light in her chest for her sage and used it every time her saboteurs popped up to feel compassion for them, find out what triggered them, and love their hurts until they faded away. It’s now her super power in the moment to help her meet any challenge. 

You will say bye bye to the subconscious blocks in your nervous system that are holding you back.

All of the above in and of itself is priceless and everything you learn you will take with you for the rest of your life. 

But what I’m MOST excited about is where I lay out the relationship concepts from Befriending Your Saboteurs to give you – EXACTLY what it takes to embody the highest level version of you who feels love for herself and takes action on her desires anytime she chooses. 

Befriending Your Saboteurs PLUS the Sage Technique is the real “secret alchemy” behind my clients’ success. 

Imagine having an easy, predictable way to lift yourself to your highest level self as you consciously co-create your best life. Upleveling who you are, how you show up in the world – spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially.… whenever YOU choose… and WITHOUT self sabotage, uncertainty or doubt. 

That’s what we’re up to in Befriending Your Saboteurs 

*** Here’s How We’re Gonna Roll… (where / when / what you get) *** 

I’ll give you everything you need to start transforming your saboteurs right now, including immediate access to the content that is most important for you to focus on when you come in. 

You’ll get a weekly playbook, which will give you all the prompts and questions that we’ll use in our Coaching calls. This is your place to store all your notes, doodles, answers and insights to your sage, saboteurs and the silenced/hidden parts plus ALL the scripts, blueprints, activations, including the sage technique to raise your self-compassion and love your saboteurs in 60 days or less (resulting in more smiles, happiness and an internal sense of togetherness) … No more of the procrastination or the overwhelm that is keeping you stuck. 

All of the action will be going down in our Facebook Group, this is where we come together between our calls. 

We have weekly Coaching and Q and A calls on a Wednesday at 6pm UK time. Our calls are recorded so you can catch up on replay! 

I also do a lot of personal coaching on Facebook via short screencast videos and messages.

Our Goal: Love and heal two saboteurs within 60 days of starting with us, become more confident and happier as you step into having a deeply fulfilling relationship with yourself. 


*** Will this work for me? 

Yes! You need to bring the motivation, the inner knowing that your sage is deeply compassionate, and to take the actions in the framework we provide you. Your results will be based upon the action and commitment you put in.

*** I already do a lot of inner work and have worked with other Mentors and Healing Coaches and programs. How will this be different? 

I am a certified Coach, and trained in person-centred counselling, and art, and I’m currently training in creative psychotherapy at masters level. In addition I invest in my professional development – I have a coach who is training me in spiritual business and energy work. That’s a whole lot of psychological and spiritual training and with my research into overcoming trauma, and turning self-criticism into self-compassion, I’ve come to understand this material really well, which helps me, alongside my intuition in coaching my clients.

I’ve been researching how self-compassion can positively affect your mental fitness for about 5 years now. I used to be hyper self-critical to the point I wasn’t even aware I was being self-critical. I’m now kind to myself a lot of the time and it makes a massive difference to my life so I really get how important this work is. Additionally I conducted experiments on myself in embodiment and mindfulness and shared this work with others, who gained richer experiences through it. 

You get access to that expertise, knowledge, and training as we work together to shed the thoughts and beliefs that have held you back, and accept your emotional responses so that you increase your confidence in yourself and your ability to take action, without beating yourself up, and have a deeply fulfilling relationship with yourself. 

Personally, I have worked with hundreds of men+ and women+ to feel more at peace within themselves and more confident so that they have deeply fulfilling relationships with themselves and others. The knock on effect is increasing their performance and success in their personal life and business, attracting better people and opportunities into their lives. 

*** What’s the investment? 

A personal integration system that transforms saboteurs into supporters for life… is easily a STEAL at the price point of £15k, for the right person. 

I’ve spent over £50k learning and developing my skills to create my self-compassion system and this is what I coach and train you on, ( and I continue to invest in myself). 

And my intuition is guiding me that the next level purpose of my business is to help more people who get hijacked by their saboteurs to transform their saboteurs to live their lives with compassion, deep fulfillment, creative authenticity and complete integrity. That’s why I was inspired to make this a really Easy YES for you. 

The investment of £5,555 for The SHINE Collective is reduced by a £1,111 credit to make this as much of an easy yes for you as possible.

When you take actions from sage mindset with integrity and authenticity, opportunities plop into your lap, seemingly from out of the sky… so you could make your entire investment back before the end of the program. 

If you want to make small payments you can start with:

A deposit (first payment) of £444 by midnight UK time 26th September 2021 and promise to be on time with payments due…

2nd payment… 3rd November 2021

From there your payments of £444 are due on the same day of every month (a total of 10 payments including the deposit).

If you want to save even more, you can make a one-time payment of £3,333 (that’s a total saving of £2,222) (CLARITY NOTE: this is a 6 month program – with 10 total payments of £444 if you choose Pay Monthly; you can choose to settle the balance sooner if you prefer).

Whatever your price point, you’re going to get skills for life that will enrich your life and the people’s around you!

*** And here’s my satisfaction guarantee… 

I would be really gutted if you don’t feel completely satisfied. So that is not going to happen. 

Soooo… as long as you’re taking action in a timely fashion, doing it in the way we lay out, taking 100% responsibility for your outcomes… 

… keep in communication with me and tell me how you are doing, and if you aren’t satisfied with how things are progressing, we’ll devise a plan for you to get the value that you have paid for. 

Guarantee doesn’t apply if you disappear, don’t apply any of the strategies, manifest a healing crisis, or suddenly decide that Befriending Your Saboteurs “isn’t in alignment” anymore. 

We invest a lot in YOU, so I expect you to work through any resistance that comes up so that you can elevate your life. So the worst thing that can happen is you’re going to walk out of this with your internal team of saboteurs working on your side! 

*** BONUS! 

And if you choose to pay in full… 

A SHINE Session with me. This 1-2-1 session will give you a fully embodied experience of your sage, connecting with your higher self, so you can feel into your personal vision and the steps you need to take to bring your innate gifts into the world now. Your 3 Hour Session Includes: 3 hours, with a break half way, 1:1 with me as your guide- solely focused on you. (Value: £700).

*** How do I get one of the spots? 

Choose your favourite way to pay and click one of these buttons:

Then we’ll get you set up. 

First come, first served… 

So excited for the exquisite possibilities for you! 

Lots of love, 


PS: This special investment is good until midnight UK time on 26 September 2021 ONLY ( to help you take action!) Cheering you on!