Julia Fry has been interested in mindset for as long as she can remember. As a child she would immerse herself in films, TV shows, and books. Then she would choose a character and become that person, trying on what it was like to be them. She has always had a strong sense of empathy.

In 2006 Julia graduated from coach training, left her job in admin, and set up her business as a life coach, helping entrepreneurs with their mindsets. She’s especially good at cutting through blocks to get to the heart of the matter in gentle ways that deactivate resistance.

Julia went through a breakdown in 2010 and stopped coaching so she could focus on her recovery. Isolating herself and not working took her to the depths of despair and the psychotherapeutic help she needed was not available to her. Realising she could stay in despair forever, she decided to get herself out of it by going to university to study Moving Image.

After graduating and not knowing how to place herself in the art world, she became a bus driver. She did not enjoy the concentrated bigotry rife in the transport industry and realised that driving a large vehicle, taking people from A to B, was a physical metaphor for coaching. In 2017 she restarted her coaching business.

She also began researching how to be more embodied and how to overcome self-criticism with self-compassion. Like a lot of women, Julia found it easy to have compassion for others, but had often been mean to herself. She spent 5 years noticing what worked and developed a program and a book that helps people to have much kinder relationships with themselves.

Currently in the third year of a four year part time MSc in Creative Psychotherapy, Julia is delivering the therapy she would have loved to receive during her breakdown. She loves everything about mindset, especially how it is connected with body and spirituality. She teaches and coaches on how to recover from trauma using mind, body, and creativity to welcome and love the parts of you that you had to abandon to stay safe.

Julia offers a free 30 minute Clarity Call over Zoom or phone to understand

  • what you’re struggling with
  • what you’d like your life and work to be like

Then she can offer you some suggestions that could help and, if it feels like a good match, how she could work with you. No obligation. Book your Clarity Call by clicking the button below: