About Your Coach, Julia Fry

I’m the Kindness Coach and I partner with survivors of adverse childhood experiences to turn down self-criticism and amplify self-compassion, integrity and authenticity.

I started my working life doing administration in offices, which was not fulfilling although I loved the people I worked with. I felt a sense of community with them in each office, regardless of whether the office was corporate, third sector or small business. I got my first coach in my early 30s and felt inspired to become one myself, graduating from training in 2006. 

I am a survivor of many adverse childhood experiences, which I managed to suppress until my late 30s. I went into a breakdown, isolated myself, and was unable to work so I shut down my coaching practice. After ruminating on feeling depressed, anxious and the flashbacks I was having, I realised I could live this way forever. I didn’t want that. This was my turning point. I knew, on some level, I had gifts to share no matter how buried they were.

I pulled myself out of despair by designing a series of personal experiments that led to overcoming social anxiety. I attended university as a mature student, and graduated with a 2:1 in Moving Image in 2015. Shortly after I became a bus driver because I didn’t know how to place myself in the art world and… I was curious about driving a bus.

I LOVED being the driver of the biggest vehicle on the road – it was empowering. I didn’t love the bigoted culture of the transport industry. I missed coaching and realised driving a bus was probably a physical metaphor for coaching. I decided to restart my coaching practice. 

Whilst setting up as the Kindness Coach, I designed and practised more experiments for my recovery from childhood trauma. These were based around embodiment and kindness to shrink my self-criticism. Life became so much more enjoyable as my self-compassion grew.

I began an MSc in Creative Psychotherapy in 2019 and the self-development work involved in this paved the way for a spiritual breakthrough in 2020. I fully believe the self-development work I do is not just for me. The more I open to myself and love myself, the more I can open to and love my clients.

I am fully accepting of my clients as they are, whilst appreciating their desire for change. They free themselves from relentless self-criticism and amplify their core self-compassion whilst working with me. I love this work!

I live in Brighton, UK, near the sea and I love walking (and running sometimes) in the woods at Stanmer Park on the outskirts of Brighton. There are some old, massive Beech trees there that remind me of elephants and I cried the first time I saw them at their awe and beauty – I often cry at beauty.

I’m also an artist, specialising in abstract acrylic paintings, which was my love before studying Moving Image at art school, and so I returned to it after. I am working on facilitating interactive events too – I ran two events for grown ups at a children’s indoor adventure playground in 2019. The premise was to play with childlike glee, and share hopes and dreams.