Julia Fry helps parents and professionals befriend their internal saboteurs so they can have feel more ease and flow in their lives and relationships.

She is the creator of the SHINE Collective – where you double or triple your self-compassion ‘muscle’ strength in 42 days or less. 

Befriend Your Saboteurs – a transformational life coaching programme for men+ and women+ who want to delve into healing their saboteurs, turning them into allies so they can live at their highest potential. 

Julia is trained in coaching, person-centred counselling, art and is currently training in creative psychotherapy at masters level. She has been researching overcoming trauma, and turning self-criticism into self-compassion for over four years.  

Julia has served hundreds of people empowering them to make life-changing transformations so that they love the life they live.

Julia began her working life providing administration services in offices but began transitioning from that world about 15 years ago to live her passion –  coaching and mentoring people to live their lives authentically. and this meant stepping up to focus on her own authenticity and her relationship with herself.

Julia works very intuitively, and combines her knowledge of Coaching, Psychology and Research into embodiment and self-compassion to support your transformation and reconnection with yourself so that you can accept and heal the parts of you that hold you back. In this way, you can live your life authentically with enriching relationships and passion-led work.