I am trained in coaching, person-centred counselling, art and I’m currently training in creative psychotherapy at masters level. That’s a whole lot of psychological training and with my research into overcoming trauma, and turning self-criticism into self-compassion, I’ve come to understand this material really well, which helps me, alongside my intuition, in coaching my clients.

I did my coach training in 2006 and chose it over psychotherapy – I was avoiding delving into the past and the trauma I’d managed to disown for years. Yet now here I am, having done a shed load of inner work, training in psychotherapy. Hooray!

That trauma started rearing its head in 2007 when I began experiencing flashbacks. I struggled with complex post traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety for several years. I’ve been researching recovery from trauma since then, trying out many things, and in the last 5 years have experimented with self-compassion and embodiment.

I’ve found that mindful embodiment and self-compassion can positively affect mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. I used to be hyper self-critical to the point I wasn’t even aware I was being self-critical. Additionally, I was hardly ever ‘in’ my body so I often didn’t know what I needed and used coping mechanisms. I’m now kind to myself a lot of the time and love being aware of the sensations and feelings in my body, and it makes a massive difference to my life. I’ve found that a mix of approaches works and that starting from a bottom up approach – using mindfulness to notice body sensations, for example – can allow us to begin to appreciate and own our bodies.

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