Energy Flows Where Thought Goes – What Are You Thinking?

In the spirit of the phrase, “energy flows where thought goes,” what was one thing that was awesome for you about 2020? Keep focusing on the question until you think of it. It could be big or tiny… When you think of that one thing, how do you feel when you think about it?

When I think of one thing that was awesome for me about 2020, it connects to another, and another… I end up with a list of awesome things about 2020. How about you?

My list of awesome things about 2020

I had to turn my paper over and I filled that side too. I had a massive smile on my face as I thought about the people, places and things that were awesome. The more I open myself to love, the more I see it everywhere.

Page 2 of my list of awesome things about 2020

Of course, these things didn’t just magically happen to me. I had to put effort into deciding what I wanted in my life, focusing on how that would feel when I had it, and following my intuition to take aligned actions to make it happen. I had to do the inner work in therapy, my journal, and my creative expressions to release the affects of past traumas and the unhelpful habits they inspired. I had to learn how to shift my energy so I could reach out and connect with people even when I didn’t feel like it. I had to step out of my comfort zone. The benefits have surpassed the costs by miles.

What do you want for 2021?
What are you prepared to do for it?
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