All the Feels to Make Your Dreams Come True

It’s so important to have daily reminders of the successes you’d love to have in your life. That’s why, if you have sight, you need a vision board placed where you’ll have full view of it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Looking at your vision board you can imagine those successes as if they’ve already happened. This helps you feel the feelings you’ll have. That’s a great place from which to allow your creativity to come up with actions to move you closer to those successes.

If you don’t have sight, you could think about your future successes whilst handling material or something that gives you a sense of the feeling you’ll have. Using a physical thing to anchor that feeling will help you quickly tune into the feelings of your successes and sense the actions you could take. This will lead you to success much faster than than simply thinking about it.

My vision board, above, for 2021 and beyond is not quite finished yet. I aim to finish it by New Year’s Eve – I’ll report back and show it to you next week. It surprised me how some of the images and words fitted together. For example, I had not planned to put the image of the dog and the phrase ‘he adored me and the feeling was mutual’ together whilst tearing them out of magazines. I followed my intuition and used an energy alignment method taught to me by my coach. I laughed with glee when I saw how the image and the phrase fit together nicely.

What do you want more of in your life?
What would you love to have happen?
What would you love to be, do, and have?

I’d love to help you with this! I’ll help you design ways to uplift yourself on a daily basis so you can prioritise what’s really important for your integrity and authenticity. We can make your dreams come true! Check out my coaching packages and let me know which one suits you :o).

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