Intentional Team Meetings with Big Me and Small me

Infinity and Beyond

When you want to create conscious change in your life, it’s important to set intentions. This week I’ve been working with my intention of a daily Team Meeting for Big Me and Small Me. Who are they? I hear you say. Read on and I’ll tell you more…

Big me is the intuitive, spacious part of me that can see everything and send me intuitive messages. If I’m listening well and in a good mental space I can hear them and act on them, and things turn out well.

Small Me is made up of parts of me that have different needs. A lot of them are fearful and try to keep me safe by playing small, sticking to what I know, going for comfort over discomfort, etc. This relates to the latest findings in neuroscience, which state the brain is modular rather than there being one continuous self.

If I let Small Me run the show I stay small. If I let Big Me be in charge, I take risks and learn things about myself, other people and the world. Sometimes it feels like Small Me opposes Big Me so the idea of a Team Meeting helps sort out who does what.

Rage Protection

Small Me is excellent at keeping an eye on the time, noticing details, remembering details from the past, seeing whether we’ve ticked a box or still have something to do. When Small Me is in their element doing these kinds of tasks, Big Me can get on with whatever needs to happen to make the learning, coaching, running or whatever it is flow with love and compassion.

My Team Meetings start with a drawing exercise – email me if you’d like the guidance notes to do this yourself. The drawings are Big Me’s communication. Small Me writes what they see and then insights come. You can read what Small Me wrote about the images in this post here.

It’s so useful to have more self knowledge. It helps you know what to release, what you’d like more of, and gives you more options. What do you do to create more self knowledge? When your inner team is working together they create opportunities for flow and you can really get to work on manifesting your dream project.

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