Resistance Stops you Taking Action if You Let It

Breaking Through by Julia Fry, Pastel on paper, A4

Once you have a crystal clear personal vision of your dream project resistance will kick in. It shows up in all manner of ways from headaches and other illnesses to limiting “what if…” thoughts. These kinds of blocks are thrown up to keep you safe. They’re often things that helped you in the past somehow. But they don’t keep you safe. They keep you small and unfulfilled. It takes a lot of energy to stay small.

It is incredibly scary to take that step over the threshold to begin your hero’s journey. I know this from personal experience. That desire to grow and transform is strong, not just for you but for those around you too. If you stay small, what affect does that have on them?

What do you need in place so that you can take that step over the threshold?

When you step over that threshold, you say a big “yes!” to yourself, to life, to everyone you know. It feels amazing and you immediately notice things falling into place to help you.

Sacred Heart by Julia Fry, Clay and oil pastels on paper

I am here to help you on your hero’s journey. I’m so excited to be with you as you envision your dream, release resistance, and make that dream a fabulous reality. I know what it’s like to hover at the threshold, with limiting beliefs. I also know what it’s like to take that step of paying a coach a lot of money to say yes to myself! Saying “yes!” gives me tingles, makes me laugh and gets me ready to take the necessary actions to step up. How about you?

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