Do You Have a Personal Vision You Love?

What’s your version of success?

Envisioning a Future You Want

When you have an idea of the future you want for yourself you can begin to manifest it by exploring it with all your senses. Imagine you already have your version of success, whatever that means to you:

What do you see that lets you know you have it?

What do you hear?

How does it feel? Exciting? Calm? Safe? Fun? Loving? Something else?

Write Your Way To Your Future

It really helps to write it down in the present tense, as if you have already received what you want and you’re exploring what that’s like. Use all your senses to describe what it’s like to have that in your life. Feel into it and write down all the feelings that occur.

Share Your Vision With Supportive People

Talk about it with people who are willing to imagine it with you. Who do you know who can be gleeful about your heart’s desire? Tell them and invite them to get excited with you. Don’t know anyone? Contact me!

Avoid Sharing With Judgey People

If you know people who are super critical, it’s best not to share it with them! They’ll undermine your dream project and you’ll lose the energy you had for it. Instead, keep thinking about what it’s like as if you already have your dream project. In fact, you might like to set yourself an alarm to spend 5 minutes imagining it each day. Keep writing about it as if you already have it – keep adding details.


If you notice any resistance to it happening, write that down too on a separate sheet of paper. Next week I’ll write about what you can do about that resistance so watch this space.

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