Hello! I’m Julia (that’s me with Obi the cat in the image), Self-Compassion Coach, and I help parents and professionals increase their self-compassion so they feel more ease and flow in their lives and relationships.

My signature coaching program is Befriending Your Saboteurs – a six month experience that teaches you to use your sage’s self-compassion to really get to know and love 6 of your saboteurs and the parts they hide and silence so that you can finally let them express themselves and begin to integrate… leaving you feeling more at peace, more more resources and a deeper, richer relationship with yourself.

The SHINE Collective is a 6 week experience using a combination of mental fitness and embodiment techniques to boost your self-compassion level to a new high. We are going to have you go from wherever you are now to double or triple that. You’ll have a set of healthy habits that will stay with you for life, alongside the lifelong community, so you’ll keep your sage muscle forever toned. Your self-compassion will have a knock on effect in the community around you and you will, effectively, raise the consciousness of society by doing and maintaining this work.

In Your Sage and Sab Session with me you get to know and love one saboteur (and the parts of you they’re protecting) and get them on your internal team so they can help you with your passion vision. Includes: 3 hours 1 – 1 with me as your coach – solely focused on you and your sage, one saboteur, their silenced parts and their needs and how to meet them.

In my 5 Day Masterclass Series The Art of Self-Compassion, I’ll walk you through my methods that have worked for hundreds of my coaching clients as well as for myself. This training is completely free and is some of the best value I can offer you. But you still have to show up and do the homework! Are you ready to implement over the 5 days to get more ease and flow in your life?