Hi, I’m Julia Fry.

I’m a Therapeutic Coach and Trainee Creative Psychotherapist. I’m also a trauma survivor and author – my book, SHINE: How to Overcome the Trauma of Living and Feel Our Way to Authenticity, will be available very soon (Summer 2022). Here’s the front cover and the blurb from the back:

SHINE: Sensing   Holding   Integrity   Nurture   Empower

We’re beautiful and remarkable because we survived and continue to survive in a world that is stuck in judgement and conflict. But the ways we learnt to survive early on in life don’t always help us thrive. Our inner saboteurs can appear in myriad ways. Have you always put other people before you? Or do you sit on the couch feeling like you cannot stop watching TV? Or do triggers suddenly happen and you’re in an immobilised or enraged state? We have automatically practised our self-sabotage habits for a long time. The SHINE Method invites us to practise new habits that help us connect with ourselves, other people and other-than-humans in ways that feel enriching and loving. This is your time to SHINE.

This book can work in tandem with therapeutic coaching and I offer sessions that are person-centered, which means I always follow your lead and we work at your pace. If you’d like to know more about how I can help, send me an email with the two things you’re struggling with most.

Single sessions are £75. Discounts are available if you book and pay for more than one session in advance. You might like also like to consider the VIP SHINE 121 Coaching Package.

Sending you love,

Julia xxx