I partner with coaches, teachers, therapists and parents who self-criticise on a daily basis to amplify self-compassion, integrity and authenticity so that they feel great longer and more often, have better relationships with loved ones and colleagues, and live in flow, creating more of what they love in their lives.

Imagine… being kind to yourself every day and getting things done in a flow state.

Imagine… having relationships in which you show up as your authentic self.

Imagine… feeling into what you need so that you can meet those needs and make great decisions all the time.

Imagine… connecting with your creativity in ways that allow your non-verbal self or selves to express their beauty.

Imagine… connecting with your values and purpose in ways that naturally create a vision you love and feel inspired by.

Imagine… being in community with people like you who are ready to grow and share their gifts with the world.

Imagine… having a coach who knows how debilitating it is to live with high self-criticism every day – you get things done but you beat yourself up and it feels awful and never enough! And imagine knowing that it’s possible to turn that self-criticism down, and feel great, whilst still getting things done.

Julia Fry, aged 5 years old

I’m Julia Fry, the Kindness Coach, and that photo on the right is of me, aged five years old, in which I’m vulnerable yet gentle, kind, loving, and playful. I have spent many years researching and experimenting with what works for turning down high self-criticism. Often it’s a coping mechanism that has its roots in childhood trauma and this was true for me. Whether you experienced childhood trauma or not, we live in societies that seem to encourage high self-criticism and I’m here to help you build up your self-compassion and live well. There are elements of living well that seem to be true for most people. These are:

  • being in our bodies
  • taking care of ourselves – food/exercise/sleep
  • connection with self and others
  • creative expression of self or selves
  • replacing limiting beliefs with authentic beliefs
  • learning
  • direction or purpose
  • being in nature

I believe there is an essential core to each person that is beautiful, loving, compassionate and sometimes that gets buried under the beliefs and behaviours that occur because people get hurt and need to protect themselves from more hurt. I am here to partner with people to remember who they really are so they can create lives of wonder, glee and love.


A coaching program that gives you structured modules and weekly online group coaching to explore your essential self – the one that is beautiful, unchanging and shines with love and compassion for yourself, others, and the world.

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